How our DIY units works

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All our kitchen units comes pre-assembled and ready to install. 

This tutoral is written especially to those who have very little or no knowledge of kitchen installations and what it entails.

1. Choosing your units

Depending on your design or layout, you will choose different units for your layout. There is mostly 3 different units in an ordinary kitchen:

A. Floor or base units

B. Wall units

C. Tall units like grocery units.

Floor units has different units available,

A. Shelve units

B. Drawer units

C. Spice units

D. Veg units

E. Oven units, etc

B. Choosing your doors

When choosing any unit, please make sure you choose the right door by selecting the door in the dropdown menu below "AVAILABLE OPTIONS"

The price you see with any unit you choose is for the most part the price of the carcass and not the complete unit. Because there are different doors and styles or profiles price differs according to each. The price you see is for the unit/carcass and should you only need the carcass without the doors or extras then the price you see is the price for the unit.

First choose your unit, secondly you need to choose the door/s for the unit, There are different options as there are different doors and profiles each with their different color options,

Doors comes in std white, color, gloss, wrap profiles etc. From the drop down meny below "AVAILABLE OPTIONS" choose the desire door and or profile door you would like on your kitchen. This will recalculate the price and add it to the carcass price.

You now can also choose the edging color that will be on the front of the carcasses but it normally is the same as the door color you will choose. 

Once you have chosen all your units and added the doors of your choice your order or cart will be updated with all your units.

Hinges is Including in the doors you choose and will be given according to the units you choose as there are different hinges for different units!

C. Choosing side panels

You now need to choose your side panels for the units to complete your kitchen design.

Let me explain the use of side panels. All our units comes in white finish melawood with white backings. This means that the sides of the carcasses is white, but lets say you are going with a color finish for your kitchen. All expose sides or facings will be white because the carcasses is white and when adding your doors the units will now have the fronts in color but on every end of an open unit will be white and you want it the same color as the doors so you need a side panel that will match your doors and finish it nicely of! Units sides that are against the wall does not need a side panel (we suggest you put in a filler to space it a little from the wall) - you need side panels on all expose sides that will be seen otherwise you will end up with a white side! 

From the menu you can choose your side panels, depending on your unit and layout you will need one or other side panel - you can choose side panels HERE - if everything ends up against walls you dont need side panels. If you are unsure what side panel you will need please contact us with your design or layout and we will gladly assist.

D. Choosing kick plates and top plates

The same as above with the kick plates. The carcasses comes without doors, tops, kick plates or and accresories and must be chosen as an extra. Top and kick plates can be chosen the same as the side panels above or you can also make use of other options like tiling etc.

E. Assembling your units

Once your order is processed you will receive a basic layout with your units to help you with assembly (only valid when the layout and design has been discussed and where a layout was received).